Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wind Wind Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

As I look out of my home office window, I see our Bird of Paradise (tree) swaying in the wind. You'd think that was a nice thing, right? Wrong! Here in the desert, we have SO much wind and dust and dirt and wind. I love to have the windows open at this time of year, but sometimes have to close them for fear that my house will be covered in dust. It also means that my husband's bike rides (he's training for an Ironman) are either an extreme challenge or are postponed (grumpy husband). However, as I've typed, it seems to have died down for the moment...yip yip!

So, yesterday was the big V-Day. I've never been a big celebrator of Valentines and this year was no exception. Luckily, my husband doesn't get into it either. After getting home from a meeting yesterday afternoon, I finished making dinner, gave the baby a bath, put her to bed and vegged on the couch and watched 'The Bachelor" (I know... it's an awful show with no educational or stimulating value whatsoever, but it's my 'Turn-Off-The-Brain-And-Wind-Down' time). Anyway, my husband didn't get a special card, dinner, dessert or even an extra dose of snuggles. As I read through other blogs and FB messages this morning, I realized how much I actually neglect him at times. This morning I was in ripe old mood and didn't want to do anything but sit in front of my computer, work and drink coffee. He was home, trying to talk to me and in my head I was thinking "Isn't it time for you to go to work and give me my space before Sophia wakes up?" I apologized to him this afternoon for my "funk" and he laughed it off. I guess after 7.5 years, he's used to my funks by now! So, I've decided tonight will be our belated Valentine's Day. No cards or anything like that, but I will give him the attention he deserves.

On another note, I work from home doing paralegal work for a law firm based in San Diego. I used to work for them when I lived there and they agreed to hire me back remotely last year!! Although I love working from home and being able to spend time with the kiddo, I really miss dressing up, talking to adults and leaving the house regularly. Sometimes I just run to Starbucks to get a coffee so I have the opportunity to leave the house! Today my big outing was to the orthodontist. I'm getting braces on March 2nd. Yay for me!! This is my OOTD. I smiled in one of them since I won't have this smile for much longer.

Neopolitan Cowlneck tank - Anthropologie
Super old cardigan from Marshall's, I think???
AG Angelina Petite cut jeans - Anthropologie
Tumbled and Forged Belt - Anthropologie
Ciao Bella Serenity leather thong - Bluefly


  1. You look great and I love your rug!

  2. Great outfit, just discovered your blog--I live in AZ, too!

  3. Bonnie - Thank you! You always look great!

    A - Thanks! I LOVE that rug. We just got it and now I want one for every room, but that might be overkill, not to mention I'd have to rob a bank!

    Alana - Where in AZ do you live?

  4. I live in the east valley! (east of phx)