Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Purchases and Reviews

Happy Hump Day to Everyone! I just can't believe how quickly these weeks fly by.. seems just yesterday I was training myself to write 2011 instead of 2010 and now we're already in April!

As mentioned in my last blog, the hubs, kiddo and I headed over to San Diego on Saturday for some fun and shopping at Bloomingdales, Anthro and Nordy's, amongst a few others. The hubs is a sucker for Bloomingdales, but other than bedding, I don't usually buy much, unless it's on sale. I tried on some jeans, but they didn't have the sizes I needed so off to Nordstroms I went and had a very helpful SA named Kate who knew her denim products like the back of her hand. I ended up leaving with two pairs instead of the one that I had intended.

I don't have dressing room pictures of all the products I tried on, but I will give a quick run down of the items that did NOT come home with me.

Brickwork Tee: size S, Gray. This tee was okay. Comfortable and nice print that would go with many things, but even the small was a little loose and the hubs said I needed something more form fitting. I guess I could've gotten the XS, but it really wasn't worth it in the end. Maybe wishlisted for sale?

Silver City Top: size S, Black. YUCK! Not only did it have the same 'too big' factor, it reminded me of the old ladies that roam these parts in the summer. I guess I was hoping for something more... not sure what it is that made me pick it up. I'm sure it will look cute on someone else, but to me, it looked like a top I can get 5 minutes away across the border and haggle for $5.

Amplified Stripes Blouse: size 4, Orange. The hubs brought this back with him to the dressing room, but it was one of his few fails. Again, it was too boxy for my shape and did nothing for me. I think it will look amazing on the right person as it's nice material and well made.

Go For the Win Bermudas: size 12, Pearl. These were far too big for me. I could have sized down to a 10 or 8. I actually really liked the print and length and so did the hubs. They print is pearlescent without being overdone or tacky. I almost wish I would have gotten them. They could be dressed up or down and they are very lightweight, which will be great for the AZ summers. Wishlisted!

Now, on to the fun part! Here is the list of items that came home with both last month and last weekend:

San Diego Purchases
San Diego Purchases by Peacockmeg featuring vintage jeans

March Purchases

Finally, here are some pics of how they actually look

The items/pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I think they all work on my pear-shaped body (but some of you may beg to differ and that's okay, I don't really care because I'm comfortable in them!!). The shorts are "No Name" shorts from Anthro that I got at the Fashion Valley store on Saturday. I can't find them online yet, so no links yet. They are super comfy and a good length for me.

The skirts don't have the "poofy bubble butt" look that a few of the other Anthro skirts lately have had, so that is a big bonus. The Eureka is a size 6 and will fit a little better once I get a few more lbs off.

After seeing these pics, I realized I'm in desperate need for some self-tanner. YIKES!

P.S. The top I'm wearing with the Eureka Cargo is a Leiffsdotir blouse I scored two (?) years ago for like $30.. I love that I'm finally able to fit in it again~!

Sorry for the long post. I will have some more reviews for you later, but I thought that was good enough for now!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weigh-Ins, Foodie Favs and Weekend Travels

Good Monday Morning Everyone! Hope you all had a wondeful weekend! We headed over to San Diego on Saturday (a short 2.5 hrs away) for a quick getaway. Living is a small town often leaves much to be desired, so we try to get out of town a few times a month.

We're on the hunt for some dining room chairs, Louis XIV preferably, like these, but are having a hard time finding some in our price range with a dark stain. Ethan Allen has what we're looking for, but WAY beyond our budget, so the hunt continues...

Before heading off, the morning started with a 4 mile run and a WW weigh-in. I lost a little over a pound this week, weighing in at 145. I was hoping for a bigger loss, but I had eaten out both Thurs and Friday night, so I also wasn't too suprised. This week is all about discipline and exercise and cooking at home. Especially b/c I picked up this little goodie while were in SD. I've been wanting a mortar and pestle for a while for herbs/rubs/garlic, etc so I finally bit the bullet and got one.

Before leaving, I also had to pick up our Bountiful Basket, which is a fruit/veg co-op. Each week, you order a 'basket' of conventional or organic produce and each Saturday you pick it up. You never know what items you will get, but it is made up of local (as local as they can get it) produce. It costs $15 for the conventional (non-organic) and an extra $10 for the organic. It is great quality produce and you couldn't get the same quantity for the same price at the grocery store. They have pick-ups in the following states: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA and WY. I highly recommend, esp if you can't always make it to a local farmer's market. This week our organic box consisted of: oranges, pineapple, pears, sweet potatoes, cabbage, golden beets, romaine, tomatoes, zucchini and apples.

I'm super excited about the golden beets. A few weeks ago, I made this Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese salad for the first time. I'm in love and think I will add some chicken breast or thigh to it to make it a full meal and substitute some golden beets this week. Here is a pic of the first night I made it for the hubs birthday dinner that I served with Roasted Leg of Lamb and Roasted New Potatoes with rosemary. I didn't care for beets too much before having the Moroccan salad at CPK, but now I'm a fan. Anyone else have some fun beet recipes or healthy salad ideas?

That's it for now. We did make a stop at Fashion Valley mall and of course, went to Anthropologie, Nordstroms and a few other places. I got a few items and will post those later. Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anthropologie and the Mother-in-Law I Never Met

It was November 24, 1988, RP (the hubs) was 16 and in a swim meet that would decide whether he could compete for Wales and qualify to train for the Barcelona Olympics. Not wanting to tell him, his father tried to hide his sadness as he met RP in the locker room shortly before the meet. RP knew something was wrong and probably knew instinctively what it was. He convinced his father to say was her...she was gone.

She passed away that day of ovarian cancer that she had been battling for the past few months. RP swam that race for her and won. Unfortunately, it was decided by the family that olympic schooling was not the plan for RP. A mother and a dream were lost that day.

Her name was Katharine, Kay, for short. Our daughter's middle name is Katharine after her. Although I was not fortunate enough to meet her, the stories and memories told about Kay are numerous and full of love. I almost feel, at times, like I lost a mother-in-law, like I missed out on knowing a very special person. In the 60's and 70's, Kay and RP's dad lived in Colorado with dual citizenship as teachers. They helped start the first Outward Bound program in the U.S. and were avid climbers and outdoorsmen. Adults loved her, children loved her, animals loved her and RP loved her.

RP's dad has since remarried to an old college sweetheart that both he and Kay knew at Cambridge University in Great Britain. J is a wonderful woman and a great mother-in-law, but RP's dad still admits that Kay was the love of his life. The void is present, the pictures of her that light the room are still around and a son misses his mother.

As I peruse and window shop on Anthro's website, I keep coming across a gingham blouse that to the average looker may appear to be the typical blue/white gingham button-down. I look to the right of my monitor and there she is..smiling with RP's dad as they cross-country ski in the Colorado wildnerness, lighting up the room. She is wearing an almost identical blouse. Should I get it, I ask her? You obviously like it. Will RP think I'm crazy taking fashion cues from his mother, a woman that's been gone for almost 23 years? I hope not, but the verdict's still out.

Dad and Kay, Colorado 1962

Cissus Button-Up Gingham Blouse - Anthropologie

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sushi and the Lincoln Lawyer

Carambola Peasant

Good Monday Morning!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a warm weekend full of the fair and fun. Yesterday we went to church where we dropped the kiddo off at the church nursery for the first time. **GASP** I know this sounds like small potatoes for everyone else, but this child has not been in the care of strangers...EVER. Since I work from home, she is with me 85% of the time and is with my parents/family the other 15%, so this was a step for us. I'd say, less for me than the hubs (b/c let's face it, I'm the one that has the deal with the little monster most of the time, so a reprive is NECESSARY). He was a bit hesitant, but we both knew it was the best thing to do if we were to get anything out of the day's message. All was going well until we got a little page and found that our little angel had pinched her little finger in a door jam. So much for the nursery this week...

Anyway, later that afternoon and kid free, the hubs and I went to sushi for lunch and to the movies to see The Lincoln Lawyer, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing like a nice date-day to rejuvinate a relationship!

The above polyvore set is what I wore all day yesterday. I wasn't really interested in the Caramobal Peasant top online or in the store, but the hubs grabbed it, so I thought I'd appease him and try it on. At first I thought it was just this spring's run-of-the-mill peasant top with a nice print, but not for my pear-shape..but thought I'd try it belted anyway. I ran outside the dressing room, found this Sliver Belt (myself b/c the SA's left a lot to be desired at this Anthro location) and WA-LA **LOVE~heart goes pitter patter***, it was transformed! We didn't take any pictures, so this polyvore set will have to do, but I'll take some pics for you to see later. Some might wonder if it's too short once belted, but mine is a size small and I think is still plenty long. Did I mention it's super lightweight, so it will be a great shirt to transition into our summer months and 100+ degrees?

One thing to note...the Sliver belt is not a sliver, nor is the color pink, as described online. It's a light corally-orange color and works perfectly with the orange in the shirt. I think anything purple would go too...

Here is a pic of what I ended up wearing to the fair on Friday afternoon. Sorry for the bad pic...this is the best I have, although it gives me motivation to stick to the diet and exercise regimen this week b/c ugghh... look at that PIG!! Oh, I mean the real pig.. just kidding! (but I obviously do need to do a bit of arm work and fix my bangs..what was I thinking??) Anywho...I decided against a long necklace for fear that the animals would think it was a tasty morsel and I'm glad I did. The goats were all over us and would have nibbled on the beads for sure!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pinch Punch, 1st of the Month!

You've just been pinched and punched~it's the 1st of the month! This is a monthly tradition the hubs has with his family which has now become a tradition in ours. I'm usually the one being pinched/punched, so I get to say/do "Pinch and kick for being so quick". No April Fool's today..just Happy April!

So, I know, it's been quite a while since my last blog. Since I don't have many followers, I honestly don't feel too bad. However, I do apologize to the 9 of you for my little hiatus from blogosphere. Anyway, a lot has been going on in my little Peacock world. All good things too..

1) My hubs completed his first Half Ironman last Saturday. Yep, that's a swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. We were in Vegas last weekend for a very cold and windy race day. I'm so very proud of him, he did great! He also took me to Anthro, which was next to our hotel at Green Valley Ranch (highly recommend if you want to be off the strip) and bought me a few items! He was quite the personal shopper and helped me pick out almost everything we bought!! Cute, athletic and likes to shop = KEEPER!!

Hubs as he is coming into the finish!

2) We closed on our acreage on Tuesday! We have always dreamed of building our own dream home on acreage and to not have neighbors 20 feet away. Well, we now have 2 acres of land surrounded by lemon trees! 2 acre lots were going for 1/2 price, so we thought we'd jump on the occasion while interest rates were low. It's not a load of land, but a nice manageable size. Our house is now on the market and we've had some lookers. Fingers crossed and prayers sent upstairs for the perfect buyer to come soon! Bleh to the news for announcing that the housing market is going to take another dive...

3) We got tickets to go to Mumford and Sons Railroad Revival Tour in Chandler, AZ on April 22! Yip Yip!! Now to find a babysitter and decide what to wear... Any suggestions? It will be hot.

4) Two weeks ago, I had lost 8 lbs on Weight Watchers thus far!! Unfortunately, due to the "monthly visitor" and to last week's weekend in Vegas/hub's b-day, I'm up 3.5 lbs. That means that tomorrow's weigh-in will be a gain. However, I KNOW, I've worked hard and am satisfied with the current results. I expect next week's weigh-in to be fantastic!!! Does anyone else gain 2-3 lbs during their "visitor"? I find it highly annoying...

5) For lent, I didn't give up anything b/c I just started back on everything (addictive) last September after the pregnancy/breastfeeding bit. So, I decided to make a commitment to workout 5 times/week. So far, so good. I've been running 4 miles on the treadmill (fartleking) a few days a week and doing Insanity. Weds I was a bit frustrated with work/etc, so I ran 5 miles which I haven't done in ages. Felt good!

6) Today we are going to brave the heat and take the kiddo to the County Fair to see the animals. It's supposed to be 100 degrees today.. Yes, people, you read that right! 100 DEGREES IN APRIL!! While some of you are still donning sweaters and tights, I'm now wanting to wear my bathingsuit outside! It's just not right. It's far too early for this kind of torture and I'm in the same boat as Jenni from Found In My Closet and her dilemma on warm weather wear. I hate myself in any shorts that are shorter than bermudas, but don't want to look like an old lady either. Also, it was windy yesterday, which means that sundresses are out for today. I would live in jeans/crops if I could, but hello?? 100 degrees? I might just brave wearing my new J Brand crops today anyway... Here are some of my options:

Going to the County Fair
Going to the County Fair by Peacockmeg featuring summer sandals

Hope everyone is doing well and happy Friday!!