Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Purchases and Reviews

Happy Hump Day to Everyone! I just can't believe how quickly these weeks fly by.. seems just yesterday I was training myself to write 2011 instead of 2010 and now we're already in April!

As mentioned in my last blog, the hubs, kiddo and I headed over to San Diego on Saturday for some fun and shopping at Bloomingdales, Anthro and Nordy's, amongst a few others. The hubs is a sucker for Bloomingdales, but other than bedding, I don't usually buy much, unless it's on sale. I tried on some jeans, but they didn't have the sizes I needed so off to Nordstroms I went and had a very helpful SA named Kate who knew her denim products like the back of her hand. I ended up leaving with two pairs instead of the one that I had intended.

I don't have dressing room pictures of all the products I tried on, but I will give a quick run down of the items that did NOT come home with me.

Brickwork Tee: size S, Gray. This tee was okay. Comfortable and nice print that would go with many things, but even the small was a little loose and the hubs said I needed something more form fitting. I guess I could've gotten the XS, but it really wasn't worth it in the end. Maybe wishlisted for sale?

Silver City Top: size S, Black. YUCK! Not only did it have the same 'too big' factor, it reminded me of the old ladies that roam these parts in the summer. I guess I was hoping for something more... not sure what it is that made me pick it up. I'm sure it will look cute on someone else, but to me, it looked like a top I can get 5 minutes away across the border and haggle for $5.

Amplified Stripes Blouse: size 4, Orange. The hubs brought this back with him to the dressing room, but it was one of his few fails. Again, it was too boxy for my shape and did nothing for me. I think it will look amazing on the right person as it's nice material and well made.

Go For the Win Bermudas: size 12, Pearl. These were far too big for me. I could have sized down to a 10 or 8. I actually really liked the print and length and so did the hubs. They print is pearlescent without being overdone or tacky. I almost wish I would have gotten them. They could be dressed up or down and they are very lightweight, which will be great for the AZ summers. Wishlisted!

Now, on to the fun part! Here is the list of items that came home with both last month and last weekend:

San Diego Purchases
San Diego Purchases by Peacockmeg featuring vintage jeans

March Purchases

Finally, here are some pics of how they actually look

The items/pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I think they all work on my pear-shaped body (but some of you may beg to differ and that's okay, I don't really care because I'm comfortable in them!!). The shorts are "No Name" shorts from Anthro that I got at the Fashion Valley store on Saturday. I can't find them online yet, so no links yet. They are super comfy and a good length for me.

The skirts don't have the "poofy bubble butt" look that a few of the other Anthro skirts lately have had, so that is a big bonus. The Eureka is a size 6 and will fit a little better once I get a few more lbs off.

After seeing these pics, I realized I'm in desperate need for some self-tanner. YIKES!

P.S. The top I'm wearing with the Eureka Cargo is a Leiffsdotir blouse I scored two (?) years ago for like $30.. I love that I'm finally able to fit in it again~!

Sorry for the long post. I will have some more reviews for you later, but I thought that was good enough for now!


  1. Oh, I love all your purchases!!! I love that they're all so bright and cheery in color...perfect for spring/summer! I am dying for the gathering tank in looks great on you! You have a great styling eye...all your outfits are perfection! So I can't seem to find your email address on your profile to send you a link to the Stella and Dot me at jensmith001@hotmail so I can get that to ya!

  2. Love, love, love the yellow shoes!

  3. I just had to laugh, 'cuz I've so tried those boxy blouses on and no, absolutely cannot rock them...So glad to know I'm not the only one! =) Your purchases are so awesome! I need to go shopping! =)
    Kristina J.

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