Friday, February 25, 2011

Holy Shnikies!! I Went a Little Nutso!

Birthday Purchases

Birthday Purchases by Peacockmeg featuring leather belts

So these are all of the items that I purchased this beautiful birthday month. A few of them (unfortunately, less than I would have liked) I purchased on a trip to Scottsdale earlier in the month with my b-day discount. Not knowing how much moola I would get from the fam, I held back (and the hubby was so kindly finding things to do at the mall while my heart pitter-pattered around the store trying to find the items that I had researched online..... afterall, this was a furniture shopping trip and I had coerced him into taking me to Scottsdale Fashion Square). Anywhooo... home I went with my items and back online I went a few days later. Adding to bag...adding to bag, thinking "I'll edit this later and only get what I REALLY want", well, sure I edited, but not quite as much as I had intended. I LURVE (a 2 year old I know says lurve instead of love and it's stuck with me) the shoes, the bracelet, I NEED some skirts/dresses to break my denim rut and a few nice tops to add to my collection.

Tuesday my items arrived and it was.....magical. Shoes = FABULOUS, Bracelet = fun, Tessera Dress - OMG, I LURVE and will be fabulous this summer in dreaded 100+ heat. Almost everything went well, EXCEPT two items I'm not sure of: The Amhara Skirt and the Voila Top. The skirt is shorter than I had hoped (I hate my legs) and the Voila top is looser than I would like. It's a pretty top (more fall color than spring, but nothing a chunky turquoise necklace can't fix) and will look great under cardi's, but let's face it: Cardi's, unless they're short sleeved and really lightweight, will be a thing of the past in a few short weeks here in AZ. So, I will take some pics, hopefully this afternoon, and have you all weigh in. P.S. I'm REALLY loving this new Eureka Cargo Skirt and think it would be a better length for me, but it's just so darn expensive for a cargo and I've already done enough damage (even though it was b-day $ and some other I had saved up, it still feels naughty!) . Hmmmm, decisions, decisions...

In the meantime, here's me in all of my dorkiness trying on a few of the items the other day. Please bear with the pics, I haven't braved asking my husband to take them for me and I don't have a tripod.....yet

Bathroom/Backyard/Living Room Reviews:

Lunar Cycles Top: This got some bad reviews, but as a pear shape, I lurve it. Sure, the material isn't silky smooth, but mine doesn't feel like sandpaper either. Here I have a basic white tank on underneath (Old Navy maternity top...So, what that I haven't been pregnant in a's long and who cares?) Anyway, it makes me feel like an ethereal angel...okay, well, not the angel part, but I like the "wingy" sleeves. KEEPER

Loving the beach towel in the background. NICE!

Mountain Avens Bracelet: Will go with a lot of things. Comfortable and adjustable. KEEPER

Winners Circle Tee: This is another that hasn't been a favorite among reviewers. However, since I'm a 'Stuck-at-home-WOW-I-get-to-go-to-the-Grocery-Store' kind of person, this is a nice shirt to throw on and look decent. This is an XS, which fit me better than the small that I tried on in the store. I love the color with my eyes and took a crazy-eyed picture to show that. KEEPER

It was another windy day...

I'm guessing this is the look my family gets when I'm annoyed at them?? Scary..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

OOTD: Birds of a Feather

I decided today was a good opportunity for me to wear my new Anthro Pionus Cardigan that I got from the Anthro ExchangeUp for Grabs. I absolutely love it because:

1) I love last name is Peacock afterall!!
2) It's short sleeved and that is weather appropriate right now
3) It's colorful and happy
4) I got it for a great price~!

I think I'll be able to wear it with a number of things, but today was Baby Reading class at the library. Since that entails crawling around on the floor and sitting indian style, jeans were the definite winner! However, I'd love to see some ideas and sets from you out there!

Pionus Cardigan- Anthropologie
Merona Tank - Target
Jimmy Jimmy Skinnies - Paige Premium Denim
Naturalizer Riding Boots - yeah, I geriatric, but they came in wide calf!!

On another note, I received my birthday order on Tuesday. I got some really great items and a few that I'm not so sure of. I think they belong in a post on their own, so I will do that one later!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Harness The Bob

This is Bob Ross. In case you are unfamiliar with this wild-haired man, he was an artist that had a TV show on painting. "Happy Trees" and "Give this one a friend" was said in almost every episode in his calming-yoga type voice, as he painted a happy tree and then gave it a friend.

Good ol' Bob's lanscape paintings weren't always my cup of tea, but I watched and learned and was calmed by his voice. Bob is dead now and has been for some time but our local PBS station still plays his episodes. As a starving artist...okay, I lie, I'm not starving and if I was it might do me some good AND I'm not an artist. This weekend, however, I will try to be one. I will try to Harness the Bob and paint something happy. I have so many ideas I don't know which direction to go in. Because I'm not good enough to visualize things well enough in my head (at least things that can be painted), I copy pictures. Here are some of my ideas:

Both of these are from the September 2010 Anthro catalog

These are both by National Geographic photographers

Horse painting only, although I would love my house to have that door and an entry carpet like that. If only I could find a painting/picture similar to this that I could more easily go from....but I think this is too far away and I'm not yet good enough to improvise.

I've actually done the Pakistani girl (by Annie Griffiths Belt - an amazing photographer, check her out here: before by colored pencil, but would be willing to try again with oils/acrylics.

Right now I'm leaning toward the closer-up of the Anthro girl/horse. What do you guys think?

So, what else about Bob?? MY HAIR!!

I'm so sick of my bob, I could scream!! I have had some version of The Bob for years and because my hair is fine and thin, it doesn't grow into long, beautiful locks. Yes, I've had extensions, but they only lasted 3 weeks b/c the hair got weird on me and I also felt like some weird impersonator of myself. Short hair one day- thick, long hair the next. Anyway, I've got an appt in a few weeks and am trying to decide what I'm going to spring on my poor hairdresser next. Bangs? Shag? I don't know...

Well, TGIF everyone and Happy Weekend. It's a gray, "cold" day here with 70% chance of showers tomorrow. THAT makes me happy and excited (we get 355 days of sunshine a year, so a little rain does the desert good)!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wind Wind Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

As I look out of my home office window, I see our Bird of Paradise (tree) swaying in the wind. You'd think that was a nice thing, right? Wrong! Here in the desert, we have SO much wind and dust and dirt and wind. I love to have the windows open at this time of year, but sometimes have to close them for fear that my house will be covered in dust. It also means that my husband's bike rides (he's training for an Ironman) are either an extreme challenge or are postponed (grumpy husband). However, as I've typed, it seems to have died down for the moment...yip yip!

So, yesterday was the big V-Day. I've never been a big celebrator of Valentines and this year was no exception. Luckily, my husband doesn't get into it either. After getting home from a meeting yesterday afternoon, I finished making dinner, gave the baby a bath, put her to bed and vegged on the couch and watched 'The Bachelor" (I know... it's an awful show with no educational or stimulating value whatsoever, but it's my 'Turn-Off-The-Brain-And-Wind-Down' time). Anyway, my husband didn't get a special card, dinner, dessert or even an extra dose of snuggles. As I read through other blogs and FB messages this morning, I realized how much I actually neglect him at times. This morning I was in ripe old mood and didn't want to do anything but sit in front of my computer, work and drink coffee. He was home, trying to talk to me and in my head I was thinking "Isn't it time for you to go to work and give me my space before Sophia wakes up?" I apologized to him this afternoon for my "funk" and he laughed it off. I guess after 7.5 years, he's used to my funks by now! So, I've decided tonight will be our belated Valentine's Day. No cards or anything like that, but I will give him the attention he deserves.

On another note, I work from home doing paralegal work for a law firm based in San Diego. I used to work for them when I lived there and they agreed to hire me back remotely last year!! Although I love working from home and being able to spend time with the kiddo, I really miss dressing up, talking to adults and leaving the house regularly. Sometimes I just run to Starbucks to get a coffee so I have the opportunity to leave the house! Today my big outing was to the orthodontist. I'm getting braces on March 2nd. Yay for me!! This is my OOTD. I smiled in one of them since I won't have this smile for much longer.

Neopolitan Cowlneck tank - Anthropologie
Super old cardigan from Marshall's, I think???
AG Angelina Petite cut jeans - Anthropologie
Tumbled and Forged Belt - Anthropologie
Ciao Bella Serenity leather thong - Bluefly

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Anthro Outfit
Anthro Outfit by Peacockmeg featuring citizens of humanity jeans

This is basically what I wore to church today (not these COH jeans, but some wide-legs) and a similar Anthro necklace (that I don't have the name/picture of). It's a similar outfit that I'm wearing in the picture of me on my first blog. Guess I'm liking this shirt/belt combo these days!

Sunny Sunday Continued!

"Wear the type of clothes that let you be who you really are" - Alber Elbaz, from Lanvin.

This quote was Alber's style tip #1 featured in the March edition of 'In Style' magazine and I love it. I think so many times women (and men, I suppose) get swept up in the latest fashion trends and don't dress for who they really are, or for what is best for their body type. I don't know about you, but I'm really sick of seeing young girls and their muffin top. Don't they look in the mirror? Don't their parents or friends tell them that those pants are too tight? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be judgemental..I just think that this "trend" of muffin top and butt crack needs to end!!!

I myself am not free from the dreaded muffin. Since having the baby (one year ago this past Tuesday), I have a new "friend" that I'm having a hard time getting rid of. Some of my pre-prego jeans are just still a wee bit tight and give me the lovely ring around the waistband. I am tired of it and want it to go for the last time....SOO... for the umpteenth time, I've joined Weight Watchers (my husband calls it Wobblies). I got up and went to the meeting yesterday morning and had the weigh in. I will do it this time. I have to. I'm sick of being 20# fatter than I should be. I want to wear cute jeans and tighter shirts again. On goes my diet crusade.

Day 1 has been completed and so far, so good. Tonight is my birthday dinner (it was the 2nd, but the family has had a lot going on, so we're just getting around to it now), so I know I'll be using my flex points (extra calories the program gives you per week) all up tonight. Leg of lamb, wine, layered brownie/whipped cream/toffee dessert....mmmmm... looking forward to it! Oh, what?? Sorry I got swept away in the land of food there for a minute! What was I talking about?? Oh yeah, the DIET! Well, I can only dream that all of the Anthro clothes in my Shopping Cart and Wish List will look Oh So Good on me when I've dropped the weight!! Oh yeah, and I'm getting braces in a few weeks, so I'm hoping that will curb my eating as well!

Anyway, on another note, today is a gloriously sunny day in AZ. I think the high will be around 75 degrees today. Since I haven't taken any good pics of me in my Anthro clothes, my first post today is what I wore to church. I'm now much more lazy in my AG jeans and Soldierly Sparkle shirt shown below.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Things to Know About Me

Since we're just starting off with this blog, I thought I'd introduce myself by sharing 10 things about me:

1) My husband I met at a Bible Study. He prayed one evening to meet a good woman and 5 minutes later he asked me out! That was 7.5 years ago. God is the center of our relationship.

2) I didn't graduate from college. After 4 years at the U of A, I got myself kicked out for 'Academic Delinquency', i.e. not going to class. At the time I wanted to take a break, thought my parents wouldn't listen (of course, they would have), so I got myself kicked out so no one could argue about it!

3) I hate confrontation. Period.

4) I didn't go to my 10 year High School reunion because I didn't want to feel obligated to invite more people to my wedding, which was 5 months later.

5) I get bored easily and don't always do well with a stringent routine. I do like some routine, but I need it to be flexibile. For example: Yes, I'll work out 4 days a week but I want the choice of which days and what time and what workout.

6) My daughter Sophia has been the greatest gift. However, after being "free" with my time for 32 years, I sometimes find it a challenge to have to arrange for her care whenever I want to do something that doesn't include her.

7) I research every meat brand I purchase (unless I'm getting from Whole Foods where I know it will be okay). I do not support companies that use growth hormones, steroids, fillers or have inhumane practices.

8) I dream of having my own 'Victory Garden' to be more organic and self sufficient.

9) Not a day goes by that I don't surf the Anthropologie website and add/remove things from my shopping bag.

10) I love having my extended family close (grandma/aunts/uncles), but sometimes I appreciate the days when I lived in Tucson or San Diego. They were just close enough and just far away enough. Family functions get a little tiresome by this time of year and it would be nice to say 'No' every once in a while without feeling guilty. This does not apply to my parents and brother, whom I enjoy having so close.

Okay, I said 10, but I just thought of one more:

11) My husband and I own a roofing construction business. I worked there until December 2009 (fired for sleeping with the boss..ha ha). I hated having the pressure of being the boss. I'm a 'worker bee' and hated having to reprimand people.

On another note, I just received my Laced with Grace dress from Anthro last night. I've been wanting this dress for ages, but didn't want to spend money on a dress I'd rarely wear (since I work from home), so when I saw it went on sale I had the Anthro team find one in my size. I just tried it on and the verdict is still out.. pics to come later.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I were a Blogger, who would I be??

For some time now I have had the need to express myself artistically. How, might you ask? Well, that is the same question I have been asking myself. I've tried drawing and painting...I'm not awful, but I need some training/schooling to enhance my skill and learn more technique. Who has the time? Certainly, not me right now. I asked for, and received, a D-SLR camera for Christmas, which I don't know to use very well. Again, I need some teaching. I love to cook and can do that fairly well, but alas, I'm continually on a weight loss journey and try to keep things on the healthy end. And, here we are with this blog...I'm writing. Will this be the artistic outlet I've been looking for or just another passing fancy?

For the few of you that may have the pleasure (or displeasure) of coming along this journey with me, I apologize in advance! If my writings are anything like my normal day to day thoughts, we may be a bit all over the place.

I intend for this blog to be my "Inner Sanctum". I am such an emotionally controlled person, that I know I need to learn to express my thoughts and share with people the way I feel. This will be hard for me as I have a hard time posting things on Facebook for fear that someone might know too much about me.

My husband has told me for ages that I need to start a journal, if for nothing more than for exercise/food reasons. Well, here you go babe. I'm doing it! Don't worry....I do not intend for this blog to be a list of every food item I've devoured each and every day, but it might be thoughts on my struggles and successes with weight loss.

Last, but not least, this will be a blog about fashion and my love for Anthropologie. Who knew that a store could inspire so much within a person? If not for Anthro, it's clothes and it's cult followers, I wouldn't be here.