Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Things to Know About Me

Since we're just starting off with this blog, I thought I'd introduce myself by sharing 10 things about me:

1) My husband I met at a Bible Study. He prayed one evening to meet a good woman and 5 minutes later he asked me out! That was 7.5 years ago. God is the center of our relationship.

2) I didn't graduate from college. After 4 years at the U of A, I got myself kicked out for 'Academic Delinquency', i.e. not going to class. At the time I wanted to take a break, thought my parents wouldn't listen (of course, they would have), so I got myself kicked out so no one could argue about it!

3) I hate confrontation. Period.

4) I didn't go to my 10 year High School reunion because I didn't want to feel obligated to invite more people to my wedding, which was 5 months later.

5) I get bored easily and don't always do well with a stringent routine. I do like some routine, but I need it to be flexibile. For example: Yes, I'll work out 4 days a week but I want the choice of which days and what time and what workout.

6) My daughter Sophia has been the greatest gift. However, after being "free" with my time for 32 years, I sometimes find it a challenge to have to arrange for her care whenever I want to do something that doesn't include her.

7) I research every meat brand I purchase (unless I'm getting from Whole Foods where I know it will be okay). I do not support companies that use growth hormones, steroids, fillers or have inhumane practices.

8) I dream of having my own 'Victory Garden' to be more organic and self sufficient.

9) Not a day goes by that I don't surf the Anthropologie website and add/remove things from my shopping bag.

10) I love having my extended family close (grandma/aunts/uncles), but sometimes I appreciate the days when I lived in Tucson or San Diego. They were just close enough and just far away enough. Family functions get a little tiresome by this time of year and it would be nice to say 'No' every once in a while without feeling guilty. This does not apply to my parents and brother, whom I enjoy having so close.

Okay, I said 10, but I just thought of one more:

11) My husband and I own a roofing construction business. I worked there until December 2009 (fired for sleeping with the boss..ha ha). I hated having the pressure of being the boss. I'm a 'worker bee' and hated having to reprimand people.

On another note, I just received my Laced with Grace dress from Anthro last night. I've been wanting this dress for ages, but didn't want to spend money on a dress I'd rarely wear (since I work from home), so when I saw it went on sale I had the Anthro team find one in my size. I just tried it on and the verdict is still out.. pics to come later.


  1. I loved finding out more about you. I hate confrontation too, and I understand about having the family a little too close sometimes. My mom comes over everyday, and it can get old. I can't wait to see the pics of the Laced with Grace dress. I love that dress so much I bought it full price. I'm jealous you got yours for such a great deal! ;-)

  2. Thanks Bonnie! I've tried on the Laced with Grace dress two or three times now and I can't decide whether to keep it. I ordered the 6, which seems a bit short for me, but the 8 would swim on top (I'm a classic pear shape). I haven't tried it on for my hubby yet and he's brutally honest sometimes, so I guess that will be my next plan.

    I love having my mom so close, but I only see her a few times a week. I might feel differently if she was here everday! Yikes! I feel for you!