Friday, February 18, 2011

Harness The Bob

This is Bob Ross. In case you are unfamiliar with this wild-haired man, he was an artist that had a TV show on painting. "Happy Trees" and "Give this one a friend" was said in almost every episode in his calming-yoga type voice, as he painted a happy tree and then gave it a friend.

Good ol' Bob's lanscape paintings weren't always my cup of tea, but I watched and learned and was calmed by his voice. Bob is dead now and has been for some time but our local PBS station still plays his episodes. As a starving artist...okay, I lie, I'm not starving and if I was it might do me some good AND I'm not an artist. This weekend, however, I will try to be one. I will try to Harness the Bob and paint something happy. I have so many ideas I don't know which direction to go in. Because I'm not good enough to visualize things well enough in my head (at least things that can be painted), I copy pictures. Here are some of my ideas:

Both of these are from the September 2010 Anthro catalog

These are both by National Geographic photographers

Horse painting only, although I would love my house to have that door and an entry carpet like that. If only I could find a painting/picture similar to this that I could more easily go from....but I think this is too far away and I'm not yet good enough to improvise.

I've actually done the Pakistani girl (by Annie Griffiths Belt - an amazing photographer, check her out here: before by colored pencil, but would be willing to try again with oils/acrylics.

Right now I'm leaning toward the closer-up of the Anthro girl/horse. What do you guys think?

So, what else about Bob?? MY HAIR!!

I'm so sick of my bob, I could scream!! I have had some version of The Bob for years and because my hair is fine and thin, it doesn't grow into long, beautiful locks. Yes, I've had extensions, but they only lasted 3 weeks b/c the hair got weird on me and I also felt like some weird impersonator of myself. Short hair one day- thick, long hair the next. Anyway, I've got an appt in a few weeks and am trying to decide what I'm going to spring on my poor hairdresser next. Bangs? Shag? I don't know...

Well, TGIF everyone and Happy Weekend. It's a gray, "cold" day here with 70% chance of showers tomorrow. THAT makes me happy and excited (we get 355 days of sunshine a year, so a little rain does the desert good)!

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