Friday, February 25, 2011

Holy Shnikies!! I Went a Little Nutso!

Birthday Purchases

Birthday Purchases by Peacockmeg featuring leather belts

So these are all of the items that I purchased this beautiful birthday month. A few of them (unfortunately, less than I would have liked) I purchased on a trip to Scottsdale earlier in the month with my b-day discount. Not knowing how much moola I would get from the fam, I held back (and the hubby was so kindly finding things to do at the mall while my heart pitter-pattered around the store trying to find the items that I had researched online..... afterall, this was a furniture shopping trip and I had coerced him into taking me to Scottsdale Fashion Square). Anywhooo... home I went with my items and back online I went a few days later. Adding to bag...adding to bag, thinking "I'll edit this later and only get what I REALLY want", well, sure I edited, but not quite as much as I had intended. I LURVE (a 2 year old I know says lurve instead of love and it's stuck with me) the shoes, the bracelet, I NEED some skirts/dresses to break my denim rut and a few nice tops to add to my collection.

Tuesday my items arrived and it was.....magical. Shoes = FABULOUS, Bracelet = fun, Tessera Dress - OMG, I LURVE and will be fabulous this summer in dreaded 100+ heat. Almost everything went well, EXCEPT two items I'm not sure of: The Amhara Skirt and the Voila Top. The skirt is shorter than I had hoped (I hate my legs) and the Voila top is looser than I would like. It's a pretty top (more fall color than spring, but nothing a chunky turquoise necklace can't fix) and will look great under cardi's, but let's face it: Cardi's, unless they're short sleeved and really lightweight, will be a thing of the past in a few short weeks here in AZ. So, I will take some pics, hopefully this afternoon, and have you all weigh in. P.S. I'm REALLY loving this new Eureka Cargo Skirt and think it would be a better length for me, but it's just so darn expensive for a cargo and I've already done enough damage (even though it was b-day $ and some other I had saved up, it still feels naughty!) . Hmmmm, decisions, decisions...

In the meantime, here's me in all of my dorkiness trying on a few of the items the other day. Please bear with the pics, I haven't braved asking my husband to take them for me and I don't have a tripod.....yet

Bathroom/Backyard/Living Room Reviews:

Lunar Cycles Top: This got some bad reviews, but as a pear shape, I lurve it. Sure, the material isn't silky smooth, but mine doesn't feel like sandpaper either. Here I have a basic white tank on underneath (Old Navy maternity top...So, what that I haven't been pregnant in a's long and who cares?) Anyway, it makes me feel like an ethereal angel...okay, well, not the angel part, but I like the "wingy" sleeves. KEEPER

Loving the beach towel in the background. NICE!

Mountain Avens Bracelet: Will go with a lot of things. Comfortable and adjustable. KEEPER

Winners Circle Tee: This is another that hasn't been a favorite among reviewers. However, since I'm a 'Stuck-at-home-WOW-I-get-to-go-to-the-Grocery-Store' kind of person, this is a nice shirt to throw on and look decent. This is an XS, which fit me better than the small that I tried on in the store. I love the color with my eyes and took a crazy-eyed picture to show that. KEEPER

It was another windy day...

I'm guessing this is the look my family gets when I'm annoyed at them?? Scary..


  1. From one stuck at home person to another, who cares not if I go to the grocery store completely outfitted in Anthro....enjoy your new purchases! Look good...feel good! Love the Lunar Cycles Top and Winners Circle top on you. Sometimes you just have to ignore the reviews and go with what works in real life for you.
    Happy belated birthday.

  2. Oh my, such a great haul! I tried on the striped top today and love it, and that bracelet is gorgeous...just went on my wishlist.

  3. Great buys--I really love the lunar cycles top on you! I buy one new white top with special detailing every year and wear it into the ground.

  4. What a haul - it's great to spoil yourselve once in a while, especially for your birthday!

    After seeing you and Kim in the lunar cycles top, I think I may need to hunt it down, it looks great on you!