Monday, April 4, 2011

Sushi and the Lincoln Lawyer

Carambola Peasant

Good Monday Morning!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a warm weekend full of the fair and fun. Yesterday we went to church where we dropped the kiddo off at the church nursery for the first time. **GASP** I know this sounds like small potatoes for everyone else, but this child has not been in the care of strangers...EVER. Since I work from home, she is with me 85% of the time and is with my parents/family the other 15%, so this was a step for us. I'd say, less for me than the hubs (b/c let's face it, I'm the one that has the deal with the little monster most of the time, so a reprive is NECESSARY). He was a bit hesitant, but we both knew it was the best thing to do if we were to get anything out of the day's message. All was going well until we got a little page and found that our little angel had pinched her little finger in a door jam. So much for the nursery this week...

Anyway, later that afternoon and kid free, the hubs and I went to sushi for lunch and to the movies to see The Lincoln Lawyer, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing like a nice date-day to rejuvinate a relationship!

The above polyvore set is what I wore all day yesterday. I wasn't really interested in the Caramobal Peasant top online or in the store, but the hubs grabbed it, so I thought I'd appease him and try it on. At first I thought it was just this spring's run-of-the-mill peasant top with a nice print, but not for my pear-shape..but thought I'd try it belted anyway. I ran outside the dressing room, found this Sliver Belt (myself b/c the SA's left a lot to be desired at this Anthro location) and WA-LA **LOVE~heart goes pitter patter***, it was transformed! We didn't take any pictures, so this polyvore set will have to do, but I'll take some pics for you to see later. Some might wonder if it's too short once belted, but mine is a size small and I think is still plenty long. Did I mention it's super lightweight, so it will be a great shirt to transition into our summer months and 100+ degrees?

One thing to note...the Sliver belt is not a sliver, nor is the color pink, as described online. It's a light corally-orange color and works perfectly with the orange in the shirt. I think anything purple would go too...

Here is a pic of what I ended up wearing to the fair on Friday afternoon. Sorry for the bad pic...this is the best I have, although it gives me motivation to stick to the diet and exercise regimen this week b/c ugghh... look at that PIG!! Oh, I mean the real pig.. just kidding! (but I obviously do need to do a bit of arm work and fix my bangs..what was I thinking??) Anywho...I decided against a long necklace for fear that the animals would think it was a tasty morsel and I'm glad I did. The goats were all over us and would have nibbled on the beads for sure!


  1. Yay, you are back! You and your little girl are soo cute! Love the top, too. :)

  2. I just love the outfit you put together!! So so pretty. And good call on no-long-necklacing-it. Could have been bad! ;)