Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Crossbodies

My search for the perfect crossbody has ended. The problem? I'm having a love affair with two bags, but only one is in my possession.

He is just perfect, practical, fits all of my size and safety requirements, is soft and buttery and has come home with me.

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody in Marigold

She is allusive, a bit cheaper, fun and tasseled, soft and buttery with an edgy demeanor. She is a crossbody but can double as a clutch or shoulder bag. She is for daytime, but can moonlight with the best of them. She is slender and sleek and therefore, less practical for me. I love her, but had to let her go. She remains on my mind and I wonder, will I forget her?

Rebecca Minkoff Classic Multi Zip Clutch/Crossbody in Metallic Taupe


  1. Love the way this post was written...very entertaining! Hope the two of you will be very happy...

  2. They're both so cute!!! I love crossbody bags when the weather is nice cause they feel so unfussy.

  3. I love both, why didn't you keep the RM bag? I have a few of her bags and love them!

  4. fyi, all the rm bags on amazon are 30% off..

  5. Thanks Tracy and Jesspgh! I love both of them and am wondering if I shouldn't order the RM.

    Alana- thanks for the heads up! I didn't purchase the RM b/c I only needed one and the MJ fit the bill for space (having enough room for kiddy stuff), but I would love the RM in a heartbeat for other times when I'm not toting around all of the other stuff. P.S. I miss your blogs...

  6. Oh my god you totally picked the right one!!! I adoreeeeee the mark jacobs one!!! the color will go with everything! Even black! I think that the second one looked more of a trendy clutch... something you wear out for the night out in the town with the hubby.. but not for many uses! You did a great job!!! where did you get the MJ?!?!

  7. Hey Megan, How are you doing and feeling? Miss your blog posts!

  8. Love those types of bags like they are candy!!!

    I follow you ca you follow back?