Friday, June 10, 2011

A Replenishing of Sorts

Do you all have that problem when everything runs out all at once? It seems this happens to me often and I can't seem to break the cycle. Shampoo, conditioner, foundation, eyeshadow, etc etc. The cycle goes on and on..

This Sunday, I'm heading off to SD for a much needed shopping trip alone (hubs: that doesn't mean I won't miss you or want/need your expert advice at some point, but I am just looking forward to being free as a bird for just a short while). Anywho..I have many items to replenish and I've already started a list.

Here are a few of the items that I will be perusing the isles for:

MAC's Tinted LipGlass in PopMode: looks much more plum in the picture, when actually it has a much lighter pink tone to it.

MAC's Mascara ProLash or Mascara X: love this stuff . Doesn't flake or clump.

MAC's Brush Cleaner: I use this stuff every day on my eyeliner brush. Must have!

Undies!! Yep, you got it! I need undies and a bra or two. Although I haven't actually run out (that would be an unfortunate turn of events), husband tells me its time to retire some of my old favs (and by old, I mean: worn often, not old as dirt old). Does everyone have favorite underwear that they gravitate towards more than others or is it just me??

I got measured at VS last summer for a new brassierre, shortly after having the kid and was disturbed at how much the girls had changed (and not in the good kind of way). Now, that new smaller size is getting too big! Time to get measured again and buy a few more. Hopefully there won't be any more shrinkage after this!

Crossbody Bag: I need a cute, Goldilocks (not too small, not to big, but juuuust right), functional with some visual interest, good for all seasons, crossbody bag to take on some upcoming trips (Seattle in a few weeks, Napa at the end of July and Wales in September). I've looked at this one online at Anthro and another by Tory Burch but will need to see both in person. Have any suggestions?

I also have a list of items to try on at Anthro and a TON of returns (oh, how I feel for the poor SA that gets stuck with me)! I will save that entry for another day!!

Cheers and Happy Friday !



  1. So enjoyed meeting you last night! I hope you had a great time and will be back to CA soon :)

  2. Great to meet you last night! Oh, so jeal of your cross body bag! It will be perfect for your trips!