Monday, March 7, 2011

To Toile or Not to Toile

Anthropologie has done it again. They've made me obsessed with items I really don't need, but am truly convinced that I do. My latest obsession are these lovelies The Toile Landscape Wedges.

To try and convince myself that they are NOT needed, I headed over to Polyvore to put together some sets that included the shoes. I was originally thinking I wouldn't find much that I liked with them. Unfortunately, I was so wrong! I found a few different combos that I thought would be super cute and included items I already have (or are similar to items already in my closet) and I could have kept going! So what is a girl to do? They're a little pricey for a canvas wedge, but then again, they look comfortable and not too high, which I find more and more necessary while toting around a 1 year old and all of the baggage that goes with her!

They're currently on backorder until March 22nd, but If I order now and ask for overnight, I envision myself with a similar outfit (shown below) while in Vegas on the 26th cheering on my hubby as he competes in a half Ironman. All I'd be missing is a big floppy hat..

What do you think? Worth the $128.00?


  1. Those are very cute--I would be very tempted. You would wear them half the year living in AZ...

    Which is your favorite anthro out here, by the way?


  2. I wear sandals/wedges all year long and rarely do my feet get too cold! Verdict is still out. I'm still trying to decide if I should get them or not. I think I'll do a closet clean-out and see how much they would really go with.

    We typically go to the Kierland Commons Anthro, but that is b/c most of my friends live in N. Scottsdale and most of the furniture stores are near, so that is the easiest one to get to. Last month I went to Fashion Sq and that one is good too. We actually don't go to PHX too often (We prefer San Diego), but have been in PHX more often lately. I'll be heading up again soon b/c my girlfriend just had a baby last month and I need to meet the little one.

    What about you?

  3. I really like the Mesa one a lot--its not as big as the Scottsdale stores, but you can often find little gems in the sale room--it's also closest to me. I do like the others--I do physical therapy out in N. Scottsdale, so on those days, I often go to Kierland.